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Selling With MONCRIEFF

Company Profile

Moncrieff Realty is a highly successful company founded by Sue Moncrieff. Moncrieff Realty offers a comprehensive range of Real Estate services from Residential Sales & Auctions through to Property Management & Leasing. Located on Hislop Road Attadale in a prominent position and with over 28 year's experience, you will find our team not only dedicated, but also passionate about offering the utmost in friendly, professional customer service at all times.


We firmly believe that a well structured comprehensive marketing strategy is essential in providing maximum exposure for our listings. Moncrieff Realty utilises various marketing tools in order to deliver this exposure on a local, national & international level. For this reason we have included below examples of current marketing tools available.


Moncrieff Realty has three types of 'For Sale' signs. One/both sign/s are placed in a prominent position on the property to attract passing traffic and to advise neighbouring properties owners that the property is currently on the market. A good means of allowing prospective Buyers to initiate contact by way of enquiry.








Detailed property information and images are displayed on up to 6 web sites including some of the following - 






   , Australia's number 1 Real Estate web site allows you to choose from a variety of different marketing tools which provide varied amounts of exposure for your property.  The detailed advantages and options include - 


New listing email alerts to subscribers of . online marketing - Moncrieff Realty advertises all of our listings on . Options available (Price on enquiry) include a Premier listing, Highlight, Feature & Standard listings. The higher in the search your property appears the more potential Buyers view your listing.


E-brochure - An electronic brochure of the property which can be emailed at any stage during the  listing, reinvigorating interest in the property and exposing the property to more Buyers yet again.


Speak with the Moncrieff Realty Sales Team about the best options for your property.


Window Display


The property and images are included in our office window display in a prominent position at our Hislop Road office. The window is well lit at night-time providing a 24-hour avenue for passers-by to see the property information.


Home Opens


Optional but highly recommended. The property can be opened for prospective Buyers to view and we are also available for individual inspections. For security reasons, Moncrieff Realty adopts a policy of requesting names and contact information from everyone who enters the property.



Newspaper Advertising


The option to advertise the property in the Fremantle Herald, the West Australian and or Sunday Times Newspapers are available. Speak with the Moncrieff Realty Sales Team about the best options for your property.



Mail Deliveries

Moncrieff Realty delivers 200'Just Listed' flyers to the surrounding areas. It is suprising the enquiries generated from this option, guaranteed to bring more Buyers to your door.



Colour Brochures

We have colour brochures of your property with several photos and all relevant selling information for distribution at the home opens. The new smart phone QR code is also displayed allowing Buyers access to the listing on our web site offering more images and information.



Internal Office Promotion

Inspection by other Sales Consultants at Moncrieff Realty enables us to promote your property through our 'potential' Buyer's database.


Floor Plans

Professional Floor Plans are available and can be uploaded for potential Buyers to view online.



You have the option to Auction your home. Speak with one of Moncrieff Realty's Sales Representatives to see if this option will suit your requirements.